Gold Standard 2.0- Tanishq announces its reopening


Tanishq, an Indian Jewelry Brand and one of the largest retail networks announced their reopening with a modification in legal compliance and regulations as mandated by state governments.

The brand carries 356 stores across the country in 216 towns. Tanishq will be mainly focusing on boosting the retail activities and proper channelization of stores as the country is reviving from the second phase of Covid-19. The company plans to take necessary measures to safeguard the interest of its stakeholders as the long-awaited lockdown ends.

The Gold Standard 2.0 is a program of assurance on maintaining the highest quality product in every Tanishq store. To provide a safer shopping experience to their customers. The brand program also consists of certain safety measures to protect and to offer shopping healthily.

The program announces a set of guidelines to the retail stores and the maintenance of the product.

In retail stores, Tanisq initiates a deep cleaning program and air purification, employing an advanced method of air filtering to keep the environment virus free. The team makes it mandatory to wear double masking or N95 for employees and customers. The Gold Standard 2.0 also comes with the usage of advanced foot sanitizing mats as well.

By only allowing a limited number of customers, Tanishq already reopened 294 outlets out of 356 stores across India.

Tanishq recently updated their product display with the introduction of Anti-Microbial Jewelry. They went for a trial run in stores across Chennai and Lucknow as a pilot project. The brand will be expanding the adoption of Anti-Microbial Ornaments to stores in Kolkata and Hyderabad. This technology carries a specially coated layer that prevents the surface from further microbial growth.

Customers are also provided with an option of hybrid purchasing through appointment booking and video calling. The customers can try their jewelry on a virtual platform developed by Tanishq and offers quick and transparent online payment methods.

Apart from taking measures to protect the market, Tanishq initiates certain steps and programs to safeguard their employees through providing vaccination. The brand encourages the employees to follow a daily steam inhalation, SPO2 level check, and breathing exercises.

The brand also supports by setting up a rapid response team to facilitate the employees in providing instant health support, facilitating hospitalization, oxygen supports, and ensures medicine in the quarantine period.

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