Tata announces health’s campaign ‘#SochMatPoochle’


Tata Health launches the new digital film #SochMatPoochle to encourage customers to give up the habit of overthinking, doubts, and hunting a medical diagnosis for health-related issues.

The campaign #SochMatPoochLe emphasizes that one must always consult a doctor whenever they experience any symptoms rather than self-diagnosing and risking one’s health. People should seek timely medical advice to confirm that things don’t become a health emergency.

The digital movie through a jest within the head speaking about the most common health issues that would be mild to something serious once you experience stomachache, hurting, headache, and back pain. It shows the effects of making trusting in uneligible advice, some random home remedies, etc., to control the health concerns.

The film captures a thought of every individual that- ‘It can happen to others, but not to me’ and an individual could miss out and ignore the seriousness of the problem. Hence, ending up in some emergency health problem.

Manzoor Ameen – CEO of TATA Health, said, “This pandemic has shown us the consequences of prescient and preventive medical aid. TATA Health is our endeavor to form basic healthcare easily provided to every people of the country.

“Our latest campaign #SochMatPoochLe constantly stressed the importance of seeking medical advice, when an individual feels any symptoms instead of self-diagnosing and risking one’s health. By utilizing the easiest way in technology and life science, TATA Health has become the most reliable health apps in a country.

“We are constantly working with a team of doctors towards our vision to confirm the importance of preventive healthcare reaches people with a personalized touch. We hope that this campaign will encourage people to hunt for timely medical help,” Health said.

The film is formed by Maverick & Monk Communications; commenting on the TVC, Bhavesh Doshi, Chief Creative & Founder, Maverick & Monk Communications, said, “The campaign intends to bring people out of their overthinking mode. The insight is, most of the time, we sleep in our heads. Especially, after we experience a symbol of some kind. We start thinking of varied possibilities; the great, the bad, the worse.

“#SochMatPoochL could become attractive, a light-hearted campaign that brings every individual of the country to think differently and encourages them to look on the app for the right diagnosis,” Doshi added.

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