Tata Play reports consolidated sales of Rs 4,741.07 crores


Tata Play, a platform for distributing content that boasts nearly 23 million active pay subscribers, reported operating revenue of Rs 4,741.07 crore for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2022. This represents an increase of 1.25 percent from Rs 4,682.21 crore in the prior fiscal year.

 For the fiscal year, the company’s direct-to-home (DTH) sector revenue decreased by 0.57 percent to Rs 4,566.68 crore from Rs 4,593.01 crore. Revenue from broadband services then doubled, going from Rs 89.2 crore to Rs 174.39 crore. Financial information for the company was discovered by business intelligence platform Tofler, which revealed that other income was at Rs 27.44 crore, up 21.3 percent from Rs 22.62 crore in FY21. In comparison to the last fiscal year, total revenue increased 1.35 percent to Rs 4,768.51 crore from Rs 4,704.83 crore. Revenue from subscription and related services at Tata Play increased to Rs 3,982.90 crore from Rs 3,919.99 crore. Revenue from other services decreased to Rs 451.58 crore from Rs 453.25 crore. Revenue from activation and installation was Rs 305.40 crore as opposed to Rs 308.60 crore.

 The DTH business’ operating EBITDA increased to Rs 2,008.70 crore from Rs 1,950.95 crore. The broadband business’ operating loss decreased from Rs 88.02 crore to Rs 57.75 crore. Comparing the current fiscal year to the preceding one, the combined net profit remained constant at Rs 68.6 crore ($68.75 million). From Rs. 4,578.26 crores, total expenditures increased to Rs. 4,642.39 crores. DTH costs increased from Rs 2,312.63 crore to Rs 2,557.98 crore. The cost of internet users increased to Rs 232.14 crore from Rs 177.22 crore. The cost of employee benefits went up from Rs 356.91 crore to Rs 379.21 crore. The cost of advertising and promotion increased to Rs 226.89 crore from Rs 213.41 crore. Additionally, the company incurred brand transfer expenses totalling Rs 55.34 crore for the rebranding project completed in the final quarter of the fiscal year. The corporation changed its name from Tata Sky to Tata Play as of January 27.

 In terms of transactions involving linked parties, the business gave Star India a broadcaster’s share of the maximum retail price of Rs 928.32 crore (net of broadcast incentive). The sum was Rs 968.83 crore in the previous fiscal year. In contrast to the previous fiscal year, it got marketing income and other revenue from Star India totalling Rs 61.55 crore as opposed to Rs 108.88 crore.

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