Technology intervention for better customer experience in the construction industry: The story of Hocomoco


Hocomoco, a company based in Hyderabad was established in 2018 as a Home construction & Monitoring company. Mr.Sharan Sai, Chief Business and Public Relations, Hocomoco, talked about the company and the changing phase of construction industries with the use of technology, in the TALK THE WALK program, hosted by Dr, Vinith Kumar Nair, chief curator MaxEd.

Within these 2 years, Hocomoco has already garnered a good number of clients, almost 30 clients just from Hyderabad alone. The company is catering to large independent homeowners within a short timespan and now is planning to expand the business to different cities.

Talking about 4-Ts Mr.Sharan said that the 4Ts (Trust, Transparency, Tracking, and Timeline) are the key factors in building a home and leading the company to success. Usually, the construction segment for independent home construction was very much unorganized. But Hocomoco makes it much easier and thus gains the customer’s trust to build the house with care.

Hocomoco always values the timeline in which the house is been build and if the duration crosses the timeline the company provides rent to the clients. The company always gives clear information to its customers from the foundation to interior designing and provides flexible options providing complete transparency. The customers get to know what is happening in the construction sites by tracking options like e-monitoring with time-lapse video and images, which creates an evocative feeling in the owner’s mind.

The recent VR space experiences help the clients to see their house before being build and can experience every room including interiors. Smart home and EMS(through which hocomoco provide engineering and monitoring the construction and consumer can provide the materials needed.)are other facilities the company provides.Hocomoco also deals with the legal matter and thus provide end-to-end services.

Hocomoco not only takes up independent projects but also deals with commercial projects. Hocomoco customizes the home based on the customer’s needs and budget and gives the best version of the home. Without Hocomoco, people have to go through a lot of hustle & bustle in building their home, while with Hocomoco it becomes much effective, less time-consuming, and of course, the customer doesn’t have to go through the tiring formalities and procedure of house building.

Talking about use of technology in construction business, Mr.Sharan said that it streamlines the entire construction process and helps in coordinating, scheduling and supplying materials.” In the coming days we are trying to develop our project management applications where we could coordinate everything in a single tap”. Tools to cut down the time and in providing quality products from sand to switch and other materials are their top priorities . He further added, they get the best prices from different supplier companies across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, from collective bargaining and it benefits our customers.

Talking about the Post Covid scenario, Mr. Sharan said that The construction process was quite slow when Covid stuck India but now it is on right track and they are focusing on less human intervention. One such area where they are focusing on less human intervention is use of ready mix concrete. Hocomoco is trying to introduce more such significant steps in construction and is trying to speed up the architecture process by using 3D modeling which makes it less time-consuming. Earlier Hocomoco used to give 9-month timeline for finishing a project but according to Mr. Sharan it is now getting shorter. Since building a home is a once in a lifetime activity for many, Hocomoco is trying to make it memorable by using scientific methods and advance technology.


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