#ThatOnePerson campaign by Social


Social, the Cafe and bar chain, has launched a pan-India bar campaign titled #ThatOnePerson to get loyal customers back to its outposts across the country. The campaign is aiming at normalizing the act of finally going out and meeting one’s closest friends again and raising a toast to the good times ahead.

The campaign moves around a series of friends by which the campaign tells the story of what life was like for them before and during the lockdown, and once again, enjoying the happiness of meeting their best friend in person. Thereby the campaign is inducing a sense of nostalgia of life pre-COVID. The campaign brings out the happiness of the pre-COVID days, it is thereby encouraging the customers to cope-up with the new normal. The campaign also makes the viewers not to lose hope and everything will be moving right if they decide to be good and to be happy as well. During the days of a crisis only, people will understand whom they miss the most, whom they have taken for granted and that’s of course the time when people get to know themselves the most.

The films also capture raw emotions of melancholy and finally euphoria when reuniting with that one person they have missed the most during the lockdown. The campaign is then inviting people to tag their best friend and come to their neighborhood Social and get their first drink together for free.

Speaking about the campaign, Riyaaz Amlani, chief executive officer and managing director, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, stated that, everyone has a Social story: friendships have grown there, young love has blossomed there, businesses have been built there as well as serendipitous connections were made there. People have a lot of good memories attached to Social, she added. As per the reports, the team wants to celebrate the special reunion with their loyal customers, and #ThatOnePerson is the perfect medium to do that though.

Commenting on the campaign, Divya Aggarwal, head of marketing, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, stated that, with the #ThatOnePerson campaign, the team is inviting their fans to reunite with their best friend offline at a neighborhood Social. Community is at the heart of everything the team does at Social, and there’s nothing bigger than a community of good friends, she added.


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