The Centre will provide free Covid-19 vaccines for all


The prime minister declares that they can provide free vaccines to all states for the age group from 18 to 44 years and clearly that all can now have access to free jabs at government hospitals. Those who can pay for the vaccines can get vaccinated from private hospitals. And it charges a maximum fee of rs.150 for a single dose over and above the fixed price of the dose. The state government must be monitoring and ensuring it. And have the confidence to vaccinate all the adults by the month of December at free of rates.

In the change in policy, the budgetary expenditure on covid vaccines is around Rs.42000-45000 crore against the budget estimate of Rs 35000 crore. The centeral Gov. can buy 75% of jabs from manufacturers of vaccines; it includes 25% of the state quota. Then gives it for free to the state and “No state Gov. will have to spend anything on the covid-19 vaccines.

Seven companies are manufacturing vaccines in the country. And the trail of 3 of them is on the advanced stage. Nowadays the rate of affected children is also high, so trials of 2 vaccines for them are being undertaken by the government.

It faces several criticisms also. Then the Supreme Court recently termed the “paid vaccination policy” for the age group of 18 – 44 as “arbitrary and irrational”. Then another criticism is that they are moving at a slow pace. It proved that by making 2 made-in-India jabs in a short period of time. Then 23 crores doses were already administered. The center is making all efforts to fight against the pandemic. And increases the production of vaccines also.

The second wave of pandemic is also affecting the country but daily fresh cases have fallen to just 100,636 on Monday, the lowest level since April 4. And the number of daily deaths on Monday hit the lowest since April 22. The vaccination drive gets a significant boost if the research on a nasal spray vaccine succeeds. Then several states have already eased the process of easing lockdown curbs.     

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