India assuring vaccination for all adult population by December


      The Government of India is more confident about vaccinating all adults by December with an estimated supply of 187 cr doses. It is enough for the country’s 94 cr 18- plus population. India will have 53.6 crore doses between January and July, the supply will increase to 133.6 crore doses in the August-December period with more firms joining the supply and the existing ones improving their production. Many criticisms are raised about the government’s strategy of vaccination. But it is now clear that India will have 53.6 crores doses between January and July. And expects that the supply will increase to 133.6 cr doses in the August – December period because the country expects that more firms will join in the supply chain and increase the production of existing firms.

India is talking to many foreign companies to boost the supply of vaccines such as johnson and johnson. The prime minister announces free vaccination among the adult population.  But the officials said the “fluctuating” and “contradictory” stands of state will impact the vaccination program. With the Centre back to procuring vaccine production, save for the 25 percent for the private sector, and taking measures to end any “inequity”, regional or technological, and speed is already picked up with the number of vaccine doses administered rising steadily from 28 lakh on May 30 to 33.5 lakhs on June 5.

Then on-site registration is available & small private hospitals are not able to meet with bigger facilities. The government channelizes supply to them. The Covid-19 may affect the children also. But this is much less among the kids. There Were many criticisms about the vaccination program that it is only among a certain age group. India never acts differently like other countries such as the UK, France, etc. And the main objective is to concentrate among the adults of India to vaccinate in a short period. India is definitely on the track to gain this objective also. India has more confidence that it can achieve this objective through increasing the production of vaccines among the existing firms and new firms.

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