The Exponential Rise of Digital in 2022 – Confirmed


As per the latest reports, the development of the digital sector in the coming months will be multifold of what it is now.

The pandemic has made companies discover that the work from home culture is more economical and convenient than the conventional method. This also enables the companies to utilize their employees to the maximum. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the shift of tech giant life Facebook into new territories like the metaverse. The pace is only going up.

Social Media Influencer

Social media being a great tool to reach young minds, is now targeted by companies to promote their products and services as the majority of the young people are active users of the same. Celebrity influencers are the main boom in the sector as young people are inclined towards the products and the brands their idols use. This has become the new trend and the rise in the number of social media influencers is in top gear.

Social & video commerce

India being a country having 800+ D2C companies (Direct to Customers), is gaining a stronghold in digital e-commerce. The interest that companies like Reliance are showing in the area is clear evidence that India is on the move for more digital commerce.

Brands embracing new forms of advertising

Video Advertising

The viewership of online videos has been increasing at a steady and healthy pace and this has been identified and is tapped by all means of advertising by the companies and the results are pretty good so far.

Social Media Advertising

Adds popping up on social media pages is common now with the ease of going directly into the e-commerce page and buying the item. This is easy money for the seller and hence this is utilized to the maximum.

Mobile Advertising

The traffic from internet users has now started to increase from personal computers to mobile phones. This has led to advertisers showing ads more on the phones than elsewhere.

The digital revolution has begun. The shift to digital platforms by companies and people as consumers is inevitable. With emerging generations who are digital literates, the shift is permanent.

Let us look forward to the new times and let time unravel its tricks and surprises.

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