The Facebook’s ‘More together’ campaign solves COVID woes?


The recent consumer marketing campaign ‘More together’, which Facebook has come up with, is catching people’s attention after the launch. This campaign is about 4 short films which are motivated by real and raw stories, celebrating ordinary people’s lives and their coming together in these tough times and all supporting each other.

Albeit virtually, through this campaign, it was all about bringing people together and letting them be there for each other. This campaign has been directed and executed by the renowned advertising agency Taproot Dentsu. In one of the four 30-second short films, they feature a set of young parents presenting how they were helped by their friends on Facebook, to manage time during their work from home situations.

 The next film is all about grandparents living alone at a home, getting helped by a bunch of youngsters delivering to them, home essentials during the pandemic times. The third film is about a set of roommates, wherein two young men are trying them to manage their housemaid salary payments, by going back to her village, with the help of a contact found via Facebook. The ending film features a doctor who was able to fend for himself a home, near to the hospital he worked, through Facebook.

This “more together’ short film was inspired by the ordinary households living in the country right now, getting themselves occupied and letting them pass through the toughest times of their lives, very strongly. It’s all about connecting people who were once strangers, through Facebook, letting them address together the challenges coming along their way. This shows light on those lives who stand inspired by each other. They got this whole idea of the campaign from the afterthought of considering Facebook as a vehicle and people being the fuel. This is the fact that the whole campaign tries to convey too. It’s all about the realization that people could do wonders when together, then standing and trying alone.


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