The Hosteller onboards Glad U Came as its PR and Communications partner


Glad U Came is The Hosteller’s PR & Communications partner. Award-winning PR and Influencer Marketing boutique firm will be in charge of the company’s Influencer Marketing efforts. The agency develops and manages key messaging in order to reach the intended audience. Multi-agency competition won the account. With the Hosteller, you may stay in comfortable and economical accommodations while still having access to a wide range of engaging activities to keep you occupied throughout your time in the city! You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the worldwide backpacker lifestyle while staying in one of their beautifully organized hostels. Besides providing contemporary facilities and a trendy community atmosphere in each of its 25+ hostels, they also offer budget-friendly trip packages that allow you to have a hassle-free getaway with special activities. Hostels are known for establishing unique experiences and long-lasting friendships with their guests that extend well beyond the boundaries of their facilities.

The Hosteller will benefit from Glad U Came’s unique approach and specialized solutions. We are Glad U Came, a PR and Influencer Marketing Agency that specializes in celebrity gifting and celebrity engagement. Clients of Glad U Came may expect unique PR campaigns designed with an entrepreneurial and disruptive attitude and more than what is promised.According to Glad U Came founder Maddie Amrutkar, “the tourist business has witnessed a seismic upheaval in the previous year. The epidemic has permanently impacted tourism and travel businesses all around the world.The Hosteller aims to deliver unique experiences, trends, and the internet to travelers in budget-friendly packages. We’re thrilled to be working with this brand and sharing in their enthusiasm. Since Glad U Came is well-known in the business for its outstanding work, The Hosteller is thrilled to have us as a team,” Amrutkar remarked.

Founder and CEO of The Hosteller, Pranav Dangi: “We began in 2014 with a desire to make travel more accessible to Indians by making it more inexpensive, entertaining, and engaging.” Our crew has worked tirelessly to guarantee that our fellow travelers have the most exhilarating and unforgettable experiences possible.

“We’re thrilled to have Glad U C on board as a public relations partner. As Dangi noted, “the agency is well-known for its goal-oriented and trustworthy approach, and we are glad to work with them as a team. “

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