HappyLocate will hire 600 people in India by FY23.


One of India’s first tech-based relocation platforms, HappyLocate, expects to hire over 200 staff in the coming quarter. The company’s ambitious expansion goal necessitates expanding its workforce across six divisions: sales, human resources, accounting, operations, marketing, and information technology.

HappyLocate has outlined a strategy to create 600 new jobs in FY23 as a result of these expansion initiatives.

The organization has seen tremendous growth in the last year due to an increase in demand for relocations as the business has returned to normal. HappyLocate plans to employ young graduates from 50+ institutions, and To boost its industry position, it’s hiring skilled individuals across.

Workers at HappyLocate can work from home and in the office for the next year as the company adopts a Hybrid work culture. The company’s liberal work culture fosters equal opportunity, with 32% of its workers in marketing, HR, and B2B accounts roles holding leadership positions.

A large portion of its operations team is comprised of female personnel to enable a smooth and interactive transition. According to a recent report by Forbes, the firm has employed 70% of its employees from Tier 2/3 cities since it was founded.

“As a firm, HappyLocate seeks to promote equality and we continue to unleash the incredible potential that exists within and beyond our organization,” stated Sainadh Duvvuru, CBO & Co-founder, HappyLocate, of the project. We are looking to employ professionals, both men, and women, from metros and Tier 2/3 cities who are able to adapt to our fast-paced work environment.

In our company, we employ people of all genders and backgrounds, and we will continue to do so as long as they can help us develop new ideas and push our company to the next level of growth. According to Duvvuru, there is still a significant distance to travel before we achieve the diversity targets we have set.

In addition, the organization is making strides by conducting a variety of training sessions and programs aimed at enhancing the leadership capabilities of both male and female employees at all levels. Additional job opportunities have been advertised on the company’s website and LinkedIn.

Prior to the end of 2022, HappyLocate hopes to raise its Series A round of investment, headed by Inflection Point Ventures. Additionally, the organization has lately expanded its services to the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Japan, and Singapore, among other countries.

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