“Technology first? you are a fool, it’s always ideas first”:


Piyush Pandey English writer Neil Gaiman once said, “Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds, and other minds and dreams. They’re journeys you’ll make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” A 20-minute chat with Piyush Pandey, veteran adman and Ogilvy’s chairman of worldwide creativity, feels the identical. As an example, when discussing campaigns that used technology creatively, Pandey says,

“Technology first? you are a fool, it has always ideas first.” The unlikeliest of remarks came when he was talking about clients, or businesses, who elicit technology to require the driver’s seat, instead of creativity. Last year, Ogilvy India, under his stewardship, released a campaign that used AI and machine learning to mimic actor Shah Rukh Khan’s voice for various scripts.

Khan took the names of thousands of outlets, urging people to undertake and do to to their Diwali shopping from these local stores. The campaign was successful. Proof? many online likes and a pair of 1 Show pencils. Pandey, together with his 36-plus years of experience at Ogilvy, has seen both highs and lows – in his agency, the advertising and marketing world, India, and thus the planet.

Today, the world is within the midst of a war (between Russia and Ukraine), there’s inflation, and thus the fear of an impending recession is on everyone’s mind. Learn to survive and survive well so you will be able to thrive in better times. Learn something so as that you just just will face the tough times,” mentions Pandey. Speaking about the marketing and advertising budgets, particularly, he says that some people will cut budgets, et al won’t.

Being present is one thing. But how do i communicate, and communicate well, when you’ve got only 10 seconds. We were talking about the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL) ad slots, where brands, after administering lakhs of rupees for media spends, only had a mere 10 seconds to dish out their offerings. Most brands allotting these pint-sized ads are startups – Unacademy, Winzo, Zomato, Swiggy, to call some.

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