The importance of Ayurveda in one’s life has increased because of the pandemic


Ayurveda is the science of self-realization. It teaches people how-to live-in harmony with nature’s help, maintain, and improve the health by practicing some ancient methods. “Ayurveda has a meaning for its definition in this pandemic, it has become a ‘way of life for most of the people, people have become responsive to Ayurveda and organic products.”

 While the coronavirus pandemic has devastated nations around the world, it has also brought people closer to their traditional way of life and diet. In India, people have started to look at Ayurveda to develop natural immunity. Many Ayurvedic companies have expanded their portfolios and sales of Ayurvedic products and have gained a lot of profits.

The golden days are back, the pandemic has made people aware of the immense value of Ayurveda and the extent of its effects on keeping us all healthy. Now that they have fully embraced Ayurveda into their daily lifestyle and understood that Ayurveda is one of the saviours of their lives, this trend can be seen in the fact that in a life pandemic, herbal products are entering people’s homes.

The concept of AYURVEDA had made the utmost impact on many people’s lives. People began to accept Ayurveda and organic products because they realized that they could easily provide them with healthier and better products based on Ayurvedic concepts. In addition, the pandemic has triggered lifestyle changes and people are paying more and more attention to preventive health care, which increases the demand for immune supplements, including Ayurvedic medicines and food.

Indian consumers are gradually realizing the real benefits of Ayurveda, mainly the personal care products, many people are switching to organic from chemical ones and in food people are inclined to show more interest in healthy food rather than the canned food, people understood the importance of how organic/natural products will be effective and change their lives. Considering that point many new manufactures entered the market and started to produce many chemical-free products which grabbed much attention.

Some examples which are most talked and effective are waking up early to meet the sun, and feel awake, starting the day with a hot drink made of ginger, lemon, and honey to flush the body and stimulate digestion, exercising in the morning, such as yoga and meditation, to promote system circulation, help eliminate. Ayurveda describes the healing powers of spices and herbs and what is most beneficial to people, including how and when. It talks about specific treatments that help improve and eliminate physical and mental illnesses. Ayurveda is mainly about “Looking for the cause of the disease, not just to get rid of the symptoms”.

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