The Label Life & Style Editor Malaika Arora Unveil The Brand’s Newest Campaign ‘Escape Reality’

Malaika Arora
The Label Life & Style Editor Malaika Arora Unveil The Brand’s Newest Campaign ‘Escape Reality’

It’s very true that what you wear has the power to help you be in an escape state of mind no matter where you are! A crisp new experimental pantsuit makes you feel like you’re on your way to a suave new lounge, rather than a monotonous Monday meeting. That unplanned reunion with your friends after a long day seems as exciting as a bonfire by the beach when you’re dressed in your newest favourite dress. And suddenly, you’re looking forward to a grocery run after putting on that breezy co-ord set that invariably makes you feel like you’re on your way to Goa’s beaches.

This campaign rightly paints the story that when one shops from The Label Life, they will always have the key to break the mundane. They will always have the key to escape reality.

The brand film, helmed by ace photographer Joseph Radhik and his Stories in Motion team, expresses the same sentiment, that showcases the face of the brand, Style Editor Malaika Arora escaping off to dreamier landscapes right in the middle of her routine appointments, courtesy The Label Life’s contemporary and chic styles.

“I truly believe that what you wear can truly change your day and help you escape — there are days where I don’t feel like getting out of home, but once I’m ready and changed into a pair of clothes I adore, I’ve escaped off to a completely different place with a happier mood and new-found energy.” says Style Editor Malaika Arora on the idea behind the campaign.

On what the film hopes to establish, Joseph Radhik, the director says, “We wanted to bring alive the fact that fashion is transporting, transforming and an absolute game-changer – and our approach as well as the setting, the clothes and the concept, all worked towards achieving this objective beautifully.”

“We believe that The Label Life’s clothes are designed to bring about a newer, fresher perspective on the everyday dressing – from that Monday morning meeting to those post-work cocktails, our designs will elevate your style and help you escape the mundane, effortlessly,” says Garima Garg, CEO, The Label Life.

Watch the brand film ‘Escape Reality’ here:

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