The much-awaited Apple Days sale is back on Vijay SaleseCommerce and retail stores from 15th April; Exciting deals on iPhone SE 3rd Gen & newest Green & Alpine Green colours

  • iPhone 13 starts at Rs. 71, 900Additional Cashback Flat 5000 on HDFC Bank Cards; iPhone 13 Pro starts from 1, 16, 300 Additional Cashback Flat 4000 on HDFC Bank Cards; iPhone 13 ProMax starts from 1,26, 000 Additional Cashback Flat 4000 on HDFC Bank Cards; iPhone 11 starts at Rs. 47, 490Additional Cashback Flat 3000 on HDFC Bank Cards; iPhone 12 starts at Rs. 57, 900 Additional Cashback Flat4000 on HDFC Bank Cards. iPhone SE 3rd Gen starts at Rs. 42, 100 Additional Cashback Flat 2000 on HDFC Bank Cards;Get Flat 10% Off in storeson Purchase of  Apple Care + with Any iPhone
  • iPad9th Gen Starts at Rs. 29,900Additional Cashback Flat3000 On HDFC Bank Cards; iPad Air 5th Gen Starts at Rs. 53, 800 Additional Cashback Flat 4000 On HDFC Bank Cards iPadAir 4th Gen Starts at Rs.47, 400 Additional Cashback Flat4000 On HDFC Bank Cards;iPad Pro Starts at Rs. 68, 700  Additional Cashback Up to 4000 On HDFC Bank Cards; Get Flat 10% Off in stores on Purchase of  Apple Care + with Any IPad
  • Macbook Air With M1 chip Starts at Rs. 83, 900Additional Cashback Flat 6000 on HDFC Bank Cards; Macbook Pro With M1 Chip Starts at Rs. 1,10, 690Additional Cashback Flat 7000 on HDFC Bank Cards; Macbook Pro With Latest M1 Pro Chip Starts at Rs. 1,80, 900 Additional Cashback Flat10000 on HDFC Bank Cards.Get Flat 10% Off in stores on Purchase of  Apple Care + with Any Macbook
  • Apple Watch Series 7 available from Rs. 39, 500Additional Cashback Flat 3000 On HDFC Bank Cards; Apple Watch SE starts from Rs. 28,200Additional Cashback Flat 2000 On HDFC Bank Cards,Get Flat 10% Off in storeson Purchase of  Apple Care + with Any Watch
  • AirPods2nd Gen Starts at Rs. 12, 290&AirPods 3rd Gen starts at Rs. 17690Additional Cashback Upto2000 On HDFC Bank Cards
  • AirPods Pro is priced at Rs. 21, 390Additional Cashback Flat 2500 On HDFC Bank Cards.
  • AirPods Max Starts at Rs. 52, 990
  • Home Pod Mini Starts at Rs. 9, 490.Additional Cashback Upto 1000 on HDFC Bank Cards.

India, April 15, 2022: Vijay Salesis back with its popular Apple Days sale at its 115+ retail outlets and ecommerce website, starting today. The sale which brings attractive discounts on several Apple productswill last until April21st, 2022. Bringing yet another reason for theApple fans to cheer, Vijay Salesis also offering discounts on its newly launched iPhone SE 3rd Generation, iPad Air 5th Generation as well as the Green & Alpine Green colours launched in the iPhone 13 & 13 Pro series.

The iPhone 13, which is usually priced at Rs. 79, 900 will be slashed to an all-time low price of Rs. 58,900 and here’s how you can get it: During the Apple Days sale period, the 128GB variant is priced at 71,900. The deal gets lucrative further with flat cash back of Rs. 5000 on HDFC Bank cards. Additionally, if you wish to exchange your existing smart phone & if it carries a minimum exchange value of Rs. 5000, it will be topped by another Rs. 3,000 at Vijay Sales stores. This will take the total discounted amount to Rs. 21,000, bringing the final price of the iPhone 13 to just Rs. 58,900.

Vijay Sales is also offering a free wireless charging pad on purchase of every iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. An irresistible deal for the iPhone lovers indeed! There arealso special offerson other iPhones as well asAppleWatches, Airpods 2nd & 3rdGen, Airpods Pro with Magsafe charging,Macbooks, iPads, Home Pod Mini & Apple Care +. 

As part of its Apple Days campaign, Vijay Sales has revised pricing for all the Apple products. Moreover with cashback offers on HDFC Bank cards, consumers can access unbelievable offers with effective pricing:

  • In the Smartphone segment, iPhone 13starts from Rs. 66,900; iPhone 13 Pro starts from 1, 12,300; iPhone 13 Pro Max starts from1,22,000; iPhone 11 starts fromRs. 44, 490; iPhone 12 starts fromRs. 53,900 and the latest iPhone SE 3rd Gen starts from Rs. 40,100
  • In the iPad segment, the iPad9th Gen starts fromRs. 26, 900; iPad Air 5th Gen starts at Rs. 49, 800;iPadAir 4th Gen starts at Rs. 43, 400; and iPad Pro starts at Rs. 64,700.
  • In the laptop segment, the Macbook Air with M1 chip starts at Rs. 77, 900; Macbook Pro with M1 Chip starts at Rs. 1,03, 690;and the Macbook Pro with Latest M1 Pro Chip starts at Rs. 1,70, 900.
  • In the wearable’s segment, the Apple Watch Series 7 starts from Rs. 36, 500; Apple Watch SE starts from Rs. 26, 200, 
  • In the audio segment, AirPods2nd Gen will be available at Rs. 10, 790;AirPods 3rd Gen at Rs. 15, 690;AirPods Pro will be available at Rs. 18, 890 and AirPodsMax at Rs. 52, 990
  • Discount are available on Apple Accessories like Adapters, cables, iPhone cases, Airtags, Airtag loops and keyboards as well

Yet another advantage for shopping with Vijay Sales is the MyVS loyalty program, which rewards buyers with 0.75% loyalty points on shopping at their stores and ecommerce website. Every point earned is worth a rupee at the time of redemption.

DescriptionOffer PriceCashback (Hdfc CC/DC)Effective Offer Price
iPhone 1371,9005,00066,900
iPhone 13Pro1,16,3004,0001,12,300
iPhone 13Pro Max1,26,0004,0001,22,000
iPhone 1147,4903,00044,490
iPhone 1257,9004,00053,900
iPhone SE 3rd Gen42,1002,00040,100
iPad 9th Gen29,9003,00026,900
iPad Air 5th Gen53,8004,00049,800
iPad Air 4th Gen47,4004,00043,400
iPad Pro68,7004,00064,700
Macbook Air with M1 Chip83,9006,00077,900
Macbook Pro with M1 Chip1,10,6907,0001,03,690
Macbook Pro with Latest M1 Pro Chip1,80,90010,0001,70,900
Apple Watch Series 739,5003,00036,500
Apple Watch Series SE28,2002,00026,200
AirPods 2nd Gen12,2901,50010,790
AirPods 3rd Gen17,6902,00015,690
Airpods Max52,99052,990
Home Pod Mini9,4901,0008,490


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