Decoding the new brand tag line of Tata Capital: Count on us


Being the part of the Tata groups, Tata capital is a financial services firm which has unveiled its new brand tagline “Count on us” The previous tagline of the firm was “We only do what’s right for you” which has been quoted when the organization was established. 

Tata Capital has a separate standard mark in the market. The company has its 14 years of history which reveals the significance and trust of the firm. Tata group is one large group which has its branch in all the sectors like automobile, food and lots more. Especially when it comes to the financial sector the key feature is the trust you have towards the organization and Tata capital is an expertise in the same, which makes them gain more stable customers.

The transformation path of the Tata group has derived from, innovate, and endeavor to drive change, create distinction in the financial marketplace and cater to a diverse set of customers. And also the firm has gained lots of attraction in the social media platform and digital, which is also add on. This has the advantage to attract the youth investors also and convert them into stable customers.

Having all of this, the firm has taken its next step by changing its tagline which has never been changed since the establishment of the firm. The new tagline “Count on us” brings the spirit of connectivity to the customers in a more appropriate manner. It is always easy to gain customers during the initial part of the business but it is a very big task to retain them throughout the business. When it comes to this, Tata capital made it clear by satisfying the customers as well retain them to create a long term relationship.

Tata capital has a huge transformation growth. The continuous striving and hard work have made them achieve this position in the market. This is not a cakewalk to have a storytelling history of around 14 years of this firm. This is due to the trends they adopt and make their engagement towards the customers.

Things don’t come overnight, the dedication and analysis of the work would make the firm reach greater heights. Digital engagement is one such that every organization is been adopting to get a better reach. The more digital reach a product or firm gains, the more reach it gains from the customer’s point of view.


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