The New Step of Digital Technology to the Broadcast Media


In the current digital era, innovation is happening rapidly while buyers are the ones making and disrupting the guidelines of the game. In the media business, digital transformation is going to be the mainstream.

The quick growth in technology with a huge number of opportunities brought by digital video empowers new players to enter the market. There are so many different technological developments like Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Voice-control devices which are opening new ways to broadcast media.

Digital technology grows a strong establishment with the present media industry. The industry is efficiently adopting cloud-based innovations like Over-The-Top (OTT) services, and this helps in improving their business models and workflows to the tune of present-day demand-supply chains.

Voice-controlled Devices

Voice-controlled searches through smart speakers and voice controllers are becoming the trend that is turning out to be the most predominant intelligent innovation among customers. These devices are improving the customer experience and also increasing accessibility to video content.

This is a critical point for the voice-empowered devices where mass consumer adoption in different trends like VR and AR simply haven’t been seen at this point. Regarding some studies, it’s indicated that practically half (43%) of purchasers are streaming from connected devices. Thus it’s known that 60% of purchasers use voice controllers daily, and is expected to set down deep roots and will just keep on extending in 2021.

NextGen TV

The NextGen TV ATS-3.0 is the broadcasting cutting edge innovation, the new form of Advanced Television Systems Committee standards. This TV is integrated with Over-The-Air (OTA) or antenna-based TV system with the internet to provide a top-quality interactive experience for customers. With the help of this NextGen TV, we will be able to watch broadcast videos on TV as well as even on our cell phones, tablets, and in cars. Android implemented gadgets like Sony, Samsung, and LG are now adapting this new ATS-3.0 model in the world of TV.


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