The principles of yoga can teach you about investing: Expert View


Yoga is nothing but the systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, diet control, and positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment. The reason why yoga is important in our daily life is that it helps to attain a healthy body and mind. Apart from this yoga will help to get the emotional stability. If it is being practiced continually yoga can positively influence many aspects of your life including financial stability. Now the world is celebrating International yoga day at this time let’s know how yoga can teach you about investing and managing your wealth. 

The first thing that yoga teaches you how to focus your mind and a sense of calm. Now we can apply the same practice in investing. Instead of focusing on the market distraction, focus on your financial goals, because market noise might distract you and drive you to make instinctive financial decisions such decisions would end up in financial loss. Finance is moreover your personal affair there could be ups and downs but keep the focus on your financial goals. 

The next important thing is practicing yoga regularly can help you to improve your attention, relieve pain, and stress. Now apply this on investing just as benefits in yoga it also helps in managing financial goals like regular and systematic investing. For example, investing in mutual funds through SIP. If you invest regularly you are aggregating work for itself and developing wealth for yourself. When you can balance your wealth, expenditure, and savings regularly it would further add to your wealth. Next is regarding the knowledge part, any experiment without knowledge can harm yourself. For doing yoga also you need to know the ‘Asanas’. This principle is applicable in investing also “without proper understanding don’t invest any proposal because it can lead to bad decisions. Investment decisions are long term commitment and they are irreversible once invested it cannot take back. So read, learn, and understand well before making any financial commitment and be patient. The principal of yoga teaches you how to be patient. 


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