The Psychological cost of COVID19


With the coming of COVID-19 pandemic the world had to while and is witnessing many challenges, followed by many changes in our daily lives. This is the new normal now. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty much evident, while the real impact of COVID-19 roots deep into the social, psychological, and mental well-being of individuals.

The infectious Coronavirus has put a pause on the world in an instant. Many specialists and leaders of the world are concerned with the disastrous impact of the virus on the global economy due to millions of people losing their jobs. After an extended period of lockdown, which brought a steep downward go of the economy, the Indian Government is now trying with policy changes and fiscal revival packages to kick start the economy. However, the real effect of corona does not only confine to economical issues but it emerges deep into the social, psychological, and mental well-being of individuals globally.

The Indian constitution says ‘health to all’ as the fundamental right of every citizen but the quality of the public healthcare system even amidst this crisis remains pathetic, which makes people helpless to knock at private hospitals that charge huge cost and lacks transparency. As per the reports of WHO, India is the most depressed country, in their times. We have one doctor for 1000 population for physical healthcare, but in the case of mental and psychological disorders, the ratio is like one doctor for 100,000 people! In such a pathetic healthcare system, imagine the difficulties of millions of migrant laborers who are struggling with extreme levels of stress. We have to understand the seriousness of the issue from the beginning.

With the implementation of lockdown, transportation facilities were instantly stopped without any clear dates on resumption. This left millions of migrant workers in shock and pain without any job, home, and food. Many of them started their unviable long journeys to their homes on foot, which led to the tragic deaths of many. Later when the travel ban was lifted and special train services were started to bring them back to their natives the story was sadder. At many places, laborers were not allowed to enter their villages facing objections from the society. And those got home were treated with disdain, doubt, and disrespect. This had another blow to their hardships who have already lost their jobs and no idea when things will get back to normal. All these will definitely have a serious impact on their mental well being. Society all together has already developed a negative attitude toward their own people.


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