The relevance of video marketing on social media


Every day the number of internet users is rising more and more, especially during this lockdown. During this pandemic period, many businesses collapsed due to low sales and revenue. The marketers realized that they can’t go ahead with their traditional marketing techniques. Hence they changed their focus towards digital marketing and social media marketing. They took efforts to invest more in digital marketing and social media marketing.

 Many companies post their ads on various social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, or other social media platforms. They are mostly in the form of image ads. But it can be said that the viewers who go through the ads may not give more attention when it is displayed as in the form of image ads. Grabbing the attention of people is very important and difficult in this manner, they quickly pass over it.

Here the relevance of video marketing is being revealed. Video marketing helps to capture attention very easily. When we promote through image ads, plenty of content out there and so many people running ads that our brain skims through a lot of photo content we come across, but the video holds attention 5 times more than stills. it gives rest to our eyes from the overabundance of textual information (moving objects always catch more attention comparing to a still object). This may be the reason for the world reportedly watch 1 billion hours of youtube social video per day.

now, most of the customers go for the usual practice that is, before deciding on the purchase, they search about the product on the internet. But a mere picture may not satisfy their needs instead of this, but if they go through a video, they may get an overall picture of the product which they desired to buy. Video excels at customers an up-close look at a product. The people who get an opportunity to see a product in action via an explainer video will buy it.

Another important thing which we need to consider is the quality of the video which we make. If the video is not proper or the content of the video is not properly expressed to the viewers, it may lead to losing the existing customers too.


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