The right way to say Goodbye to Acne this Monsoon; AcneStar Face Wash


Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma

Monsoon is a blissful season but it comes with several skin problems as well. The humid and sticky weather seizes the shine of your otherwise flawless skin. The sticky skin invites dust, dirt and sweat which causes the skin pores to become clogged leading to acne breakouts.

Sometimes it decreases your confidence as you are left with ugly marks on your face. Before entering the monsoon take care of your skin to keep it blemish free.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions specially in teenagers which leads to various skin problems such as pimples and spots. Cysts, blackheads, whiteheads and nodules are all different types of acne.

One of the solutions to the monsoon acne is AcneStar Face wash, a medicated anti-acne face wash which helps you to fight acne in an effective way!

AcneStar is safe and easy on your skin. The facewash is your answer to flawless acne free skin in this humid season.

Acne Myths, Busted by Experts

–       Research shows that chocolate, sweets, fats, and soda all do not affect acne, but it is still important to have a well-balanced diet so you’ll be strong and healthy.

–       Squeezing your pimples can actually push germs further down into your skin and make them larger and it may cause infection and lead to permanent scarring.

–       It is recommended to wash your face twice a day with soap and water, not as many times as you can get to a sink. Also, scrubbing your face really hard and frequently washing may actually worsen the condition by irritating your skin

–       The use of makeup is relatively harmless when it is non comedogenic (does not clog pores), hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. Some cosmetics now even come with acne fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid right in them.

–       You may have heard this suggestion, but experts on acne say don’t try it. Toothpaste could make that spot on your skin even more red, irritated, and noticeable. Today, there are so many different kinds of toothpastes — and lots of them contain ingredients that can hurt your skin. It’s better to use Gels designed to treat pimples

These are the few myths that you have to stop believing

Acnestar face wash is the only friend your skin needs this monsoon as it contains Milii capsules that helps the facewash act as a moisturizer. Goodness of aloe vera, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and extracts of basil, calendula chamomile which helps in fighting acne and pimples to give you a clear skin, free from acne.

Acnestar which is available in Soap, Gel and Face wash can give you a permanent relief from Acne, regardless of its type. Its effective formula thatattacks the acne-causing bacteria to give you a healthy, radiant and acne-free skin. AcneStar is easily available at a pharmacy near you at an affordable price.

Say Goodbye to Acne with ACNE KA SPECIALIST, AcneStar.


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