The rise in Online video consumption- Trend or a Fad: Case Study


COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown had impacted the rise in online video consumption. Various statistics from experts show that there is a 40 to 30 percentage steady increase in the number of new users who are engaged in watching online streaming content.

Video streaming through Social media

The popularity of video marketing has gone far along with social media. Through Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and YouTube, they are helping brands and many peoples to become heroes and build brand values by giving original content to the audience.

Video marketing is an effective and expressive form of content sharing apart from that of actual content marketing. Storytelling type of brand communication can be even possible with video marketing. LinkedIn is also using this video marketing more effectively for delivering the results with members. Absence of IPL and good original content on TV, a shutdown of Cinema, and other outdoor programs have made the OTT content much more engaging during this crisis.

Shoppable media on social platforms.

These are that type of video content that one can click to access the website and purchase. The shoppable videos are much more similar to that of the salesperson in a store which gives more details and even forces us to make a purchase. They play an important role in generating a desire for the customer to buy the product.

How the Brands are responding

For the last 2-3 months, brands and advertising agencies are doing various campaigns in spite of lockdown and have touched the customers.

Some of the best examples are 

A film of Nutrela, showing the beautiful moments of cherishing had managed to capture over half a million views on Facebook in a short lifespan.

Campaign for Madhur Sugar, Which focused on the merits of hygienic packaging of sugar supported with video content featuring some of the influencer mothers like, Soha Ali Khan, Karishma Tanna, and more is another example.

A film of Parle products for Eid, which sounds similar to the current sentiment of #EkBadiDua has got over 10 million views within about 5-days.

Storytelling and expressive communication is possible, only with the video format.


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