The “scrip box “campaign urges clients to remain invested in this pandemic period


Online investment service “Scripbox” has launched the “Let’s be Wealth Positive” digital campaign, with an end goal to calm investors during this season of vulnerability. At the center of the campaign is the belief and experience that business sectors will make a rebound in the long run.

The campaign has two key videos that attempt to strike the right emotional chord with the crowd keeping the current circumstance, its effect on financial specialist’s sentiments, and how Scripbox could help. The first video discusses the significance of staying contributed during these violent occasions as the market has consistently compensated long-term investors. It also stresses focuses on how Scripbox’s information upheld suggestions and expertise can help to explore through the vulnerabilities. The second video reminds investors to not forget the long-term view while attempting to change in accordance with the ‘new normal’. It drives home the essentialness of Scripbox’s standard audits and course-alterations that help speculators to remain invested in the best common assets or mutual funds

Manu Prasad, VP – Marketing of Scripbox stated that “The COVID 19 pandemic is probably going to leave a permanent imprint on consumers, nations, and economies. The business sectors have reflected this instability. As a brand that needs to have a beneficial outcome, they felt it was essential to assist investors with exploring this extreme situation effectively or beneficially by giving them viewpoints on best investment plans.

The organization behind this campaign for Scripbox is Saatchi & Saatchi Propagate. Priya Jayaraman – CEO of Saatchi Propagate stated that “Money related issues are also an emotional subject. Particularly during circumstances such as the present condition. Our lives revolve around it and being the brand that guarantees individuals every step of the way that their finances are managed in the correct way, with the correct instruments and advice is Scripbox’s undertaking. “Let’s be Wealth Positive” is an initial phase toward that path in this journey with Scripbox that uses all digital touchpoints.

The campaign is planned for featuring the two key messages the brand needs to enhance. One, markets have seen comparable remedies in the past as well. Despite several ups and downs over the last 30 years. Two, the significance of having a specialist like Scripbox who helps all to make the correct choices dependent on logical and impartial suggestions. The campaign additionally addresses how Scripbox is a holistic one in the Online Wealth Management Company.


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