Lay’s has come up with #heartwork campaign to convey gratitude towards the unsung heroes


In this month, potato chips brand LAY’S has launched a campaign to convey appreciation towards the unsung heroes of India who have carried joy to millions even in these difficult occasions. #HEARTWORK, the progressing campaign is a genuine, sentimental, and emotional tribute to real heroes for example farmers, retailers, truck drivers, and significantly more who are working continuously for bringing joy to many buyers across the entire nation.

Taking this campaign forward, Lay’s intended to call up partners across the industry to pay a tribute to these unsung heroes who have worked eagerly to acquire joy to a huge number of consumers in India. The thought was to unite the industry together to convey thanks towards these heroes for their continued hard work in the difficult occasions, which is really #Heartwork

To bring this message alive, Lay’s has done a special, never-seen-before web-based social networking commitment with more than 20 cherished brands from over the industry to thank the #Heartwork of many unsung heroes of India by exceptional virtual branded LAY’S #Heartwork packs on Twitter and Instagram today. These unique branded packs highlight custom messages, which are expressing gratitude toward the particular brand and the unsung heroes collectively in a fun and respectful manner. The goal is to acknowledge and thank the efforts of the numerous unseen heroes related to these brands like Flipkart, Tide, Vistara, etc. for their #Heartwork.

Dilen Gandhi, Senior Director and Category Head – Foods of PepsiCo India stated that “Towards the start of this current month, they have launched a campaign – #Heartwork to thank farmers, truck drivers, retailers, and other unsung heroes who have carried joy to millions. Keeping up the chain of appreciation, they contacted driving organizations and brands, for example, Flipkart, Tide, Vistara, Kia, and Cadbury, and some more, with an altered virtual pack to express their thanks for their #Heartwork. During this hard COVID-19 pandemic time, when consumers couldn’t step out, the unsung heroes played an essential role in giving items or products and services consistently across the nation. They hope that this will surely motivate a lot more brands to join this journey and appreciate these unseen real heroes for their efforts and hard works.


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