Makebot’s innovative concept – Smart Mask.


Makebot a Navi Mumbai based company known for its innovative and leading product STEAM Education Provider with experimental learning programs in AI, IoT and robotics has recently launched country’s first smart mask which not only protects you from virus and pollution but also monitors person’s health and providing real-time alerts and data to the person.

As the current pandemic of COVID-19 and its threat level keeps on increasing in India, Therefore, looking into the situation and its need and resolution, Makebot an Edutech company came up with an innovative concept of Smart Mask which is enabled with AI platform which helps to capture health parameters of an individual who is using a smart mask and gives the input of temperature level and SPO2 to the individual on their smartphones or smart devices. The Smart Mask is also equipped with Arogya Setu status for real-time for health monitoring and alert purpose.

The other features of the Smart mask are it is enabled with a dual respirator which removes stale air and provides safe and easy breathing to the person with triple layer protection. This mask is made of 100% cotton and an individual can reuse the mask up to 30 hand washes. Apart from health monitoring, this smart mask is also integrated with attendance management, tracking and alerting the person in case of any deviation occurs by sending an SMS to the user’s smartphone device. 

This design and technology integration is fully designed and developed by Makebot which makes it solely a Make in India product. Therefore, the individual doesn’t have to worry about any kind of data breach and leakage in terms of health monitoring parameters. But still, users will be concerned and have queries related to the role of AI intelligence in this smart mask and how an individual’s information will be collected and where will it be stored. How can consumers be sure that data is being protected and won’t be shared with anyone except themselves? As in the age of digitalization and smart technology, it is right of the customer to know where data is being collected and shared in terms of privacy. Therefore, Makebot will be giving a detailed report and statement on the basis of customers’ FAQs.


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