The relevance of ethical marketing during the period of COVID-19


We know, we are going through the most dangerous situation. The lifestyle of common people has changed a lot. Now they are practicing some unusual activities such as wearing masks, frequently washing hands, using gloves and sanitizers, etc. People realized that these unusual activities have become part of their daily life. We have even witnessed, the collapse of various businesses. So businesses realized that they can’t exist using their traditional marketing technique. Most of them shifted their focus on digital marketing techniques. Businesses adopted various methods to grab the attention of their customers. 

Particularly in this situation, the marketing of non-essential products or services is not easy. Some unethical businesses are using less than ethical tactics to exploit the pandemic, one thing we know that the reward for doing this is only temporary and the consumer will always remember if they were misled into buying a product out of fear. So taking an ethical approach can rise to far greater loyalty in your customer base for years to come.

So the relevance of ethical marketing would take into consideration. Ethical marketing is any type of marketing endeavor that is transparent, factual, and not misleading. A company that practices good ethics would tell you, what the product is, what it can do for you, and how it does it. 

Another important thing is, ethical marketing goes beyond ad copy and can be a measure of what your business does rather than what it says. Many companies have enacted policies aimed at curbing the effect to maintain some corporate social responsibility and don’t always make it into advertising, but it would become part of their brand ethos.

Tons of ads have large displays on grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, restaurants, etc letting customers know they are still open and taking appropriate precautions. Many large companies displayed advertising related to safety measures for instance IKEA started a campaign in Spain that showed various indoor activities from the house’s perspective with the tag line; Yo Me Quedo en Casa”(“I stay at home”). Some companies are avoiding social distancing snafus by featuring no people and using text, animation, and/ or images to get their message across. 


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