8 Bit-Media lets their masks do all the talking


Masks have become an important part of the ‘current standard.’ Respiratory hygiene is now playing an enormous role in the life of everyone. Offices around the world are slowly reopening to their workers during this phased process of restoring the nation and getting the ball rolling again. Face masks are still mandatory for anyone who steps out of their homes, but is this facial protection still completely embedded in our everyday lives?

When a workshop was held by 8 Bit Media, an independent strategic relations firm, to explain how their workers coped with the reality of operating from home, we are told they were greeted with regular “Matt Pooch Yaar” responses. When they delved a little deeper into these responses, they found that even as the outside world had flipped 180, feedback from the client surprisingly hadn’t changed a bit.

The team at 8 Bit Media figured this would be a fun place to play with and ultimately led to the concept of using the most commonly used answers to consumer reviews from their departments, on their masks. So now that office’s resume, they ‘re not going to have to bother to take off their mask, and instead let their masks do all the talk. They just want to point at the mask they wear and say “Mask Puch Yaar!

Any of the top picks that made “Thoda Aur Quirky” into their printed masks? “(How much more quirky?) a common response that almost every copywriter and designer can relate to, ‘Feedback Aaya Hai’ (The Feedback Here!) which is a staple customer service and the quintessential ‘Logo aur kitna bada karna hai’ designer? “(How much bigger would you like that logo to be?). Such printed masks are also being placed up for sale with all their proceeds earmarked for donation to Magic Bus, one of the clients of 8 Bit Media in the non-profit sector who perform critical COVID-relief works.

Through making their workers’ return to the workplace more fun, without missing any of the sass, this move begs the question – what else do we see companies and businesses doing when they try to comfortably bring their staff back to the office.

We hope to see a lot more innovation in this segment but 8 Bit Media seems to have effectively sparked the customization wave in the segment of respiratory hygiene and the future seems exciting!


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