The third phase of Future Generali’s #HealthInsideOut campaign unveiled


Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has recently promulgated the third phase of their latest campaign #HealthInsideOut. In this third phase, the brand is featuring India’s most famous sports legends as a series of videos having five different parts to it.

The video series is titled ‘Mind Matters’. This was stemmed from What’s Your Problem (a Wondrlab Company). Bollywood actor Samir Kochhar had conducted insightful interviews with these sports legends.

These series videos promote much-loved sports icons from a varied sport which includes football, cricket, tennis, shooting and hockey. Through this, they come forward to share their life stories and experience of dealing with anxiety, stress and depression. Most sports personalities are looked upon by their fans and sports lovers from across the world as alluring beings of mettle and success, at the same time no one notices their self-doubt, stress and mental health battles which they face and their struggle to overcome them to achieve a great amount of focus, which plays a crucial role in their sports career.

The first episode of this ‘Mind Matters’ video series by the Future Generali featured the mental health story of Sunil Chhetri, the captain of the Indian football team and also the Indian Super League side Bengaluru FC. He was found to be sharing his struggles on mental health that he faced during these years of his career.

While speaking about the campaign, Ruchika Varma, the Chief Marketing Officer of Future Generali India Insurance said that “We strive hard to bring out awareness about the mental health and related issues in our society. Even though many professions need good mental health, we believe that it’s the sports personnel who are the best living examples who are in really need of having a stable and healthy mental well-being. There is a predetermined belief among the people of our society that it’s not safe and good to talk and discuss our mental health in public, but through this campaign, we aim to break this existing trauma and to bring people forward who are affected by it or even people who get to meet such people with mental health issues.

We target to bring society into such a space where people could openly discuss it. People always need a balance in both their mental and physical state. Especially sports personals as it requires a huge amount of focus in this profession. This talk series of ‘Mind Matters’ brings out an entirely different side of their favourite sports player. Through this series, they assure that it’s perfectly fine to have mental struggles, stress, traumas and illness”.

Rakesh Hinduja, the Co-founder and Managing Partner – Content Platform, Wondrlab, commented that when the fans watch their favourite sports personality opens up about their mental health journey, their struggles, mental health, stress etc. it should also encourage them to open up and do the same. Other legends who will be seen in the subsequent episodes include sports legends like Sania Mirza, Robin Uthappa and Abhinav Bindra.

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