What’s Your Problem crafts Spotify Family Plan Campaign


What’s Your Problem is a Wondrlab company, an integrated agency based in Mumbai is out with its new ad campaign for Spotify. This is to promote this audio streaming platform’s Premium Family Plan.

This plan is priced at Rs.199/- per month, enables a maximum of six members of the family to enjoy and share the joy of listening to music. It also gives the listeners an ad-free experience, with the opportunity to download and play the music of their choice in the offline mode.

The campaign was emanated from a simple insight that is, culturally in a country like India when a person starts upgrading, he would also try to upgrade his family along with him in one way or the other. The film mainly shows a family being into two different situations one in which the family members are traveling and is unable to play the music of their choice as they are offline. In the next situation, while the family is enjoying their own family time with all the family members the music stops playing and the ad starts. In this situation, one among them starts the Spotify Premium Family Plan and shares it with all the family members so that everyone gets to play songs of their taste. Through this, the protagonist ensures that their family has access to uninterrupted music. The film attempts to touch a chord with the viewers in a light-hearted and spirited tone.

Amit Akali, the founder, and the chief creative officer of Wondrlab, said that “Every family would have that one person who is the ‘expert’ in such things whom everyone relies upon. This particular ad film tries to explore these dynamics through this campaign and when it comes to music, resolves it for the family. We wanted to keep the ad film as much real as possible. Every credit and kudos goes to Harsha Prabhakar Rao, the director of this film, for her hard work and efforts that she has put into this work to be a successful one and she is the one who brought this project alive. Every one of us especially Indians can relate to one situation from the film in which the dad sings horribly but enthusiastically while travelling.  

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