Society Tea launches their new Haldi Doodh mix


With a spike in active cases amidst the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging country, a lot of emphasis is laid on switching our habits to a healthier lifestyle and consuming of beverages and foods that contain a lot of vitamins, proteins etc. which would boost our immunity to make the body much healthier.

As a response to the latest consumption trends valid in our society, a shift towards wellness and immunity-boosting drinks and food items, Society Tea had recently strengthened their portfolio of healthy products. As one of the latest initiatives, they have launched two of their new products. The first product is the One Minute Tea, with low sugar and the second product is the Society Tea’s special Haldi Doodh under their Tea and Dairy Category respectively for their health-conscious consumers.

It remains a challenge to see if there is a market for a pre-mix type of Haldi doodh in the traditional markets of India. It is brewed in Indian households a very long-ago using milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. It is believed and is said to be an immunity-boosting drink which is very easy to prepare and is also cost-effective for all earning class.

Recently Society Tea had entered into the Diary category of the market with an aim and objective of ensuring that their customers enjoy the perfect cup of tea of all times and they also wish that no one should be there without knowing the taste of Haldi Doodh. This category of the brand also includes various other products which include Skimmed milk powder, Dairy whitener, and Desi ghee.

Also, another category of the same company has already entered into pickle and chutney products. One of the press notes mentions that they have entered this category to revive its tradition that is surrounded by the various flavours that the pickle and chutneys carry into the Indian plates with their meals.

Some of the other brands currently available in the market that offers Haldi Doodh includes the Saffola (under their immunoveda branch), and the Tata Sampann (it offers a Haldi Doodh mix energized with ayurvedic ingredients). When it comes to the different kinds of tea variants, the Chaaoys offers a mix of turmeric latte which is available as a premix. They also provide with cardamom green tea mix. Sancha Tea Boutique is a tea gourmet which provides turmeric masala chai, is available across India. Tea Trunk is also yet another independent tea brewing company that offers turmeric flavored green tea.

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