Emerging trends in digital marketing


Marketers had a tough time during the pandemic and many are now gearing up to withstand the economic impact in 2021. To face a tough time, there is a need for marketers to focus on the quality of media. Ad tech is one of the industries that had to extend their limits to work effectively during the unprecedented situation. It is expected that the changes experienced by industries across the world in 2020 might experience the same in 2021. During the pandemic, companies had to shift to digital platforms and focus more on the trends and it is expected that these trends might bring even more changes in 2021. So, marketers must know about emerging trends.

Contextual targeting is one of the emerging trends that marketers can expect in 2021. Privacy has been a buzz word these days. It is well known that many companies use tools to track browsing data and many customers across the world raised their voices over this issue. It is found that 7 out of 10 customers in Australia took measures to limit data collection. So, in the coming years, there is a chance of increased scrutiny of data that is collected from the customers for promotional purposes. The decrease in the use of cookies will decrease the use of collected data. Because of this, the need for contextual targeting is expected to increase.

People across the world experienced a lifestyle change and because of the remote working mode people had to shift to “stay-at-home” lifestyle which grabbed the attention of marketers. This lifestyle is expected to continue and marketers need to come up with novel ideas to attract customers. One of the ideas could be using the situation of the increase in the use of digital videos and connected television (CTV) viewing habits.

Leading with compassion is one of the important attributes that every industry is focusing on today and is expected to continue further. Employees are facing many problems because of the pandemic and leading them with compassion and empathy will reduce the stress and motivate them which will in turn lead to an increase in the productivity.


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