Titan Eyeplus : Eye screening for 10 million Indians


Multiple eye-related difficulties have arisen as a result of the pandemic’s exceptional circumstances throughout the past year.

Eye health has deteriorated dramatically as a result of increased screen time due to virtual education and meetings, extended work from home hours, and entertainment.

Diabetes, eye damage, cataracts, and glaucoma are just a few of the major conditions that contribute to poor vision.

Over 2.2 billion people worldwide have vision impairment, and nearly half of these instances have yet to be addressed or could have been avoided with early detection and management.

Titan Eyeplus confirms its commitment to raising general knowledge about eye health as the world commemorates World Sight Day on October 14th, an annual day of awareness on blindness and visual impairment.

They’re launching an attempt to promote mass eye screening using a simple test called the Duochrome test.

Titan Eyeplus hopes to educate users about their vision and provide insight into whether or not they require vision correction through this programme. In the process, they hope to set a World Record by performing 10 million digital eye examinations in two months.

“In a country of 1.3 billion people, 550 million people suffer from visual difficulties, with just 1/3rd of them having accepted some solution,” said Mr. Saumen Bhaumik, CEO, Titan Company Limited’s Eyewear Division.

Access and awareness are still major issues, resulting in poor adoption. The results of a recent study conducted in Bangalore, in which we surveyed over 11,000 people, were even more surprising.

Although 58 percent of these people needed vision correction, only 36% were using it or were aware that it was necessary.

To address this lack of understanding, we developed a quick, easy-to-use, and self-administered screening tool. One of the 20-step eye tests that we perform at Titan Eyeplus, the Duochrome test, has been digitised. Let this be a first step toward “India with Clear Sight” as we approach World Sight Day.

COVID-19’s onslaught has also resulted in an increase in screen time for people of all ages, which has been a key contributor to decreasing eye health and an increase in the occurrence of myopia.

Eye care and eye health have never been more important, and Titan Eye Plus wishes to encourage and motivate as many people as possible to take care of their eyes.

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