Top 4 tech stocks that give you greater returns back


With advancing technology, many technology industries are using technological trends to grow their business. Persistent Systems is one of the leading tech companies in India and will be investing in Artificial Intelligence stocks for investors by October 2021.

In line with technological changes, it makes people aware and helps them to use their time effectively. Technology offers a lot of potential to make one’s future successful. As the world becomes a technology hub, people are becoming more and more inclined to use the latest technology. It is known as a trusted digital engineering and enterprise modernization partner.

It offers services such as Digital Business Strategy, Digital Product Engineering, CX Innovation, Optimization, Data Based Business, Intelligence, Identity, Access, Privacy, and major IT innovations in the field of AI models. This will help them to update the market in the long run. As technological developments take place across industries, investors are looking to invest in tech stocks. So, here are the best tech stocks you can buy on October 8, 2021.

Broadcom: Broadcom Corporation is a US-based semiconductor company that manufactures products for the Broadcom and wireless communications industries. The company was acquired by Avago Technologies in 2016 and is currently a subsidiary of the merged entity. Broadcom ranks 54th in the list of best tech stocks.

SAP: SAP is a German-based software company headquartered in Waldorf. It is the third largest European, and the third largest company, listed in its sales. SAP Enterprise develops software to manage business-related activities with customer relationships. SAP ranks 75th in the list of best tech stocks.

Awareness: Intuit Inc is a US-based business specializing in California-based financial software. The company grows with QuickBooks, Mint, Tubortex and Credit Karma. It ranks 84th in the list of best tech stocks.

Keyence: Keyence Corporation is a direct sales organization that develops and manufactures optical systems, automation sensors, laser manufacturers, digital microscopes, barcode readers and measuring instruments. The company is ranked 85th in the list of best tech stocks.

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