Top 5 blockchain apps


Blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology that is constantly evolving and becoming more popular by the day. Applications built using blockchain technology (Blockchain apps) can change the way we transact and enhance our lives in several ways.

Blockchain apps can assist organisations and corporations at all levels in tracking and tracing items as they move across the world, from allowing cross-border payments to serving as personal identity security.

Below is the list of a few game-changing applications mentioned by industry experts:


TraceDonate is an identity management software that allows transparent and traceable cross-border transfers and donations, developed using Hyperledger Fabric.

In addition to connecting beneficiaries and charitable organisations, it provides peace of mind to those who want to monitor their donations and ensure they reach the intended recipient (since the funds are in an online wallet). On the Trace dashboard, donors can view their donation history and receive notifications in real-time.

Burst IQ

Burst IQ launch in 2015 is a high-performance and flexible blockchain network created and intended for securely storing health and identification data. Instead of focusing on infrastructure, this app built seamless links between systems, people, and partners, and people can focus on innovation. 

Using this software, one may safely send medical information from point A to point B while remaining anonymous. The company announced the complete release of the BurstChain UI/SDK in August 2020, which allows app developers to create blockchain-enabled web apps and services on its Platform.


KYC-Chain is a blockchain software that validates client IDs and simplifies the onboarding process to compliance with KYC laws and regulations. This blockchain software enables users to keep their critical and private certified identification data on-chain and limit public access by providing public keys when access is necessary. 

This Dapp also allows customers to pay for particular services such as ID verification, document authentication, and crypto money screening. 

The most intriguing aspect of this KYC-Chain software is the ability to verify against known-risk signs while also complying with anti-money laundering rules. Besides, using this web-based application, you can easily enhance your client onboarding experience and constantly evolve and improve by evaluating your process.


Chainyard is a group of Blockchain enthusiasts and innovative businesses working together to create world-class business and software solutions utilising Blockchain technology

This Dapp enhances supplier validation, onboarding, and complete life cycle information management by addressing issues with Supplier Information Management systems. It trains for seamless connection across multiple supply chains, with an emphasis on corporate use cases. 

This Dapp includes a blockchain-based service called Trust Your Supplier, which gives customers access to verifiable background information about their suppliers to onboard them into a supply chain.


Voatz is a decentralised, mobile election voting tool that allows individuals to vote safely from anywhere while also allowing administrators to oversee the election process. It makes use of distributed ledger technology to secure the safety and legitimacy of abroad voters. This employs smartphone security, remote identity verification, and biometrics to safeguard your vote. Their products aim to connect with existing electoral systems and expedite the voting process.

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