Top 6 Digital Transformation


The world has been redefined by recent developments in digital technology and is rapidly changing the way people live and work. Progress is being accelerated exponentially by technology, including AI, cloud computing, sensors, and analytics, etc. As digital transformation presents unprecedented opportunities for industry, here are 6 technologies that turn patterns across diverse industries as a whole.

Augmented Reality in Retail/E-commerce

Augmented Reality (AR) is an improved version of the actual physical world that is accomplished by the use of technology to produce digital visual objects, sounds, or other sensory stimuli. In the chosen pair of clothing, clients can imagine themselves in front of a mirror/screen and check the color, style, and fit. Augmented reality will make the experience seamless when a client is searching for a specific product. An AR-enabled mobile app will act as a salesperson and provide customer-related options.

Intelligent Edge in Business

Intelligent edge refers to data analysis and solution creation at a site where the information is produced. Smart edge eliminates latency, costs, and security risks by doing so, making the associated company more effective. By using an intelligent edge, partners will develop fully integrated solutions at an end-to-end control of execution and service quality. As 5G technology progresses, as a viable alternative, it is safe to transfer computation, storage, and information to the edge.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain technology is decentralized management of the database that stores the data in a sequential arrangement open to the public with each transaction made by the user. The blockchain guarantees user transparency. Over the years, cyberattacks have targeted the healthcare industry while sharing information from patients. When moving patient data from one device to another, Blockchain enables accountability, thus minimizing the risk of cyber malware. Blockchain prevents outcome switching, data snooping, unethical reporting, fraud, and error in medical research by preserving historical data from clinical trials.

IoT in Smart Cities

The Internet of Things refers to data collection and sharing between devices on the same network. A computer can gather data with its robust sensor system and function in alignment with other devices. IoT-enabled sensors, integrated over smart buildings, can promote energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable infrastructure in Smart Infrastructure with IoT. Also, the authorities will be alerted when a waste threshold is reached by incorporating a level sensor over the waste containers

Computer Vision in Archaeology

Computer vision refers to the area of computer science that allows computers to identify and process objects in images and videos by mimicking the complexities of the human visual system. Since computer vision is all about the identification of patterns, it recognizes visual data for some labeled images. It helps the classification of archaeological objects to be more objective and more controllable. It will provide wider public access to archaeological information by providing non-experts with automated classification systems and enabling new methods of presentation for archaeological collections online.

Data Science in Agriculture

 An evolving interdisciplinary field of data processing, data science transforms raw data into actionable insights. By presenting meaningful information concerning when to add pesticides and how many to use, data scientists assist the farmer. Crop quality is highly dependent on the weather. Bad weather during transportation or storage can harm the quality of the crop. Experts in data science use instruments to detect trends and associations that might otherwise be hidden. By using data sets gleaned from farmland, they forecast weather conditions. Data science experts can imagine soil chemical, physical and biological properties, temperature, water composition, soil type, fertilizer characteristics, and many more with sufficient data gathered from farms that can help increase yield production.


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