Top ads in 2020


 These are some of the top campaigns that happened in 2020. Which are mostly watched by the viewers or their customers. The campaign covered are based on the readership of financial brands, automobile to healthcare, and consumer brands. Asian Paints shows waterproofing every year is frustrating, the ad shows that Damp proof ensures a wholesome solution with crack bridging ability, strong adhesion, mechanical strength, and homeowners don’t have to waterproof their home regularly every year before monsoon season.

Cinthol Original TVC captures the story of a doctor, journalist daughter during the pandemic. It is a campaign that shows an ad that was launched by a soap brand from Godrej consumer for Cinthol Original. The brand built on strong association with protection outdoors is what highlighting the soap. Natural Diamond Council’s first celebrity global campaign with Ana De Armas, is another campaign which was shot in coastal Portugal. It was photographed by Camilla Akrans and Manu Cossu is the one who directed it and had a global presence, running in the United States of America, India, United Kingdom, and China. Skinella | ‘Best Face Mask This Season’ campaign. Wearing a mask is an important part of the community nowadays which should be acknowledged, so to encourage this habit to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus a ‘Best Face Mask This Season’ campaign was launched by Skinella on social media.

Social distancing and a story in Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s ad, ‘How Far Will You Go for Love’ which is an ad that was launched early in the year. The aim was to connect the youth. Cricbuzz celebrates the return of the tournament with ‘Ab Cricket Buzzega’ rap, this campaign brings a film ‘Ad Cricket Buzzega’ which has a rap song that says how this IPL will be a welcome relief to cricket fans during the era pf the pandemic. Pepsi ‘Swag Se Solo’ with Salman Khan. It is an extension of Pepsi’s youth-centric campaign ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’. This had an anthem from the Khan, the main intention was “to celebrate the youth of today who is single by choice.”Yes, Bank talks about the responsibility of supporting small businesses, the bank tries to encourage communities to prepare for the new normal responsibly with #ZimmedariSeTayyari.   


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