Top FMCG Companies Using Artificial Intelligence


Fast-Moving commodity or FMGC is an ancient historic industry, as far as operations are concerned. Computerization to raised data management and internal control. But, more or less, the way industry operates within the field, remains an equivalent. Modes of selling for the industry have passed on to digital media. And it’s not an FMCG industry innovation, but rather a worldwide phenomenon that they had to adapt to survive. Here are a number of the FMCG companies that are using AI.

  1. Marico Ltd

Marico is not the sole company using automation but also relying heavily on analytics and AI (machine learning, in particular) to grow its own business which of its distributors. The automation has not only helped the distributor reduce the inventory days from around 4-5 to only one but also pare costs by helping trim the staff strength to 20 and doing away with the necessity for data entry operators. Further, they’re using geotagging that’s a part of the integrated sales route optimization (ISRO) software that Marico has provided.

2. AI Palette

Ai Palette is that the world’s first AI platform for FMCG Product Innovation. Ai Palette creates winning product concepts in line with a brand’s personality & its existing product portfolio. It does this by garnering insights from many digital conversations and coupling them with the corporate data to make product concepts that address the unmet needs of consumers.

3. Hindustan Unilever

Using AI software Jarvis, HUL plans to extract details like who visited the grocery over the last three months, and what they’re likely to shop for subsequent time. Spread across 600,000 villages and 10 million outlets, general trade will remain big within subsequent 10 years, HUL said during a presentation on its website on 6 June where it outlined Project Maxima, which is concentrated on precision marketing at scale.

4. Nestle

Recently, Nestle expanded its AI efforts by introducing a replacement tool referred to as ‘Cookie Coach’. Nestle USA launched this virtual bot to supply answers to queries regarding their Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe. This AI-powered coach, Ruth, could even be a multimodal virtual assistant that uses autonomous animation. Nestle has been successfully steering its digital journey through different methods. Let us check out a number of the efforts made by Nestle to integrate modern technology into its services.

5. Colgate-Palmolive

The Colgate Smart toothbrush E1 with AI works with Apple’s ResearchKit to crowdsource toothbrushing data for better and faster innovation, the company said. Designed with the help of dentists, the comb features real-time sensors and AI algorithms to detect brushing effectiveness in 16 zones of the mouth.

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