Twitter rebrands ad suite, enhances platform safety


Twitter, the American microblogging and social networking service, during its Q2 briefing announced the introduction of its simplified and more intuitive advertising product suite. Twitter rebranded its advertising product suite to create clarity and simplify its ad product offerings. During the briefing, the company also gave an update on the safety issues on its platform and talked about enhancing the platform safety.

After having heard requests from advertisers on Twitter to use a clearer and more straightforward language, the company embarked on an extensive discovery and research journey to come up with the revamped ad suite that better aligns with what advertisers expect when it comes to advertising.

Twitter has completely rebranded and recategorized its entire advertisement product suite. The company has consolidated the 22+ individual ad format names to just 5 advertising categories. The brand also offers a corresponding suite of features that can be applied across the 5 main categories.

The new categories are:

  • Promoted Ads: These formats can showcase images, videos, and various other ad features that can be used in multiple ways across the different stages of the marketing funnel.
  • Follower Ads: This format can be used to attract new followers. This specific category can be used to promote an account among a target audience group and thereby build brand awareness.
  • Twitter Amplify: The Twitter Amplify category allows advertisers to align their ads with premium video content from the most relevant publishers.
  • Twitter Takeover: This category takes over the Timeline and Explore tab by including the most premium, mass-reach placements that drive results across the marketing and advertising funnel. This is the category of individual Takeover products including, Timeline Takeover, Trend Takeover+ and Trend Takeover.
  • Twitter Live: The Twitter Live category allows advertisers to broadcast their biggest moments to the world, while simultaneously facilitating the audience to join in real-time.

Within each of Twitter’s newly revamped 5 ad suite categories, there are identified sub-categories. Advertisers can choose from amongst these specific formats for designing a campaign or add these features to a media plan. Twitter Branded Ad Features such as Branded Hashtags, Branded Likes and Braded Notifications or Twitter Standard Ad Features such as Polls, Conversation Button, Website Button and App Button; can be added to the individual products to increase the reach and engagement of a campaign.

In the upcoming months, Twitter will phase out the previous product names. In a continuing attempt to improve the Ad Manager experience, paired with the recent consolidated changes, advertisers and professionals will be able to participate in public conversations and easily set up and manage campaigns. The revamped advertising product suite with the updated names are already reflected in the company’s new Tweet Composer.

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