Twitter’s brand safety strategy


Brand safety is always a problem in the digital advertising market, but it’s more critical for native advertising.

When advertising is perfectly blended into their surroundings, it strengthens the bonds between brands, publishers, and the content on the page. As a result, sustaining and improving intimate relationships with customers requires a high level of quality, relevance, and suitability.

By serving the public conversation and establishing an environment in which everyone feels comfortable, secure, and confident enough to offer their voice, the social media landscape may become a safer place.

Although Twitter’s current purpose understands that concentrating on people is our top priority, there is still work to be done. We’re already seeing results thanks to our policies, products, and partnerships, and we’ll continue to invest in brand safety to make Twitter a safer place for everyone.

Commencing with policies that lead

People require accurate information on issues that affect so many of us. To maintain that high quality, Twitter is always examining its anti-misinformation standards and has begun labelling Tweets to encourage appropriate conduct on the network.

Protective goods are delivered

Give brands more control over the content they associate with using tools like Twitter Amplify, which includes an Amplify Pre-roll publisher criteria, third-party content safety checks, and the ability to restrict or select certain publishers or categories. These tools not only protect brands but also ensure that individuals on Twitter view safer sponsored content. As a result, Twitter is a safer forum for everyone.

Working with businesses to bring about industry-wide change

With important advertising industry partnerships like the IAB and 4A’s, as well as watch group organisations like the Digital Trust and Safety Partnership and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, Twitter is driving change when it comes to brand safety.

Putting people first can also benefit your brand

When it comes to providing a secure environment, the correct technologies and relationships are critical, but companies can also boost customer confidence by getting out there, engaging with the community directly, and recognising their voices.

Make others feel at ease by listening to them

Twitter provides a platform for people to share what’s important to them, which can be beneficial to the brand. That is the power of participation.

Create and nurture a self-assured community

When you’re actively helping others feel confident in being themselves, there’s a community out there that will support and celebrate your brand.

Honour the contributions of all people

The importance of authenticity cannot be overstated. A motto is so crucial that brand managers should get it tattooed on their bodies so they don’t forget it. But inclusion is just as vital – bringing diverse communities in and giving them a voice makes us all safer and stronger.

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