The Media Trends and Predictions 2022 by Kantar

Kantar published the report “The Media Trends and Predictions 2022”

Kantar revealed the prominent recalibrations and trends in the Asia Pacific media industry. Kantar also published predictions for the next year.

Kantar published the report “The Media Trends and Predictions 2022”. The report provides a better insight into upcoming trends in the media industry.

Kantar’s leading market data and predictions are based on solid evidence along with views and suggestions on the market. The report is essential for the media industry to stay strong in 2022.

Kantar experts, predicted a range of shifts for the industry as it grapples with the pandemic era. The study primarily focused on 5 key areas:

Transparency in VoD viewership 

Multiple changes are evident in the media’s most dynamic market, from audience attitudes to commercial models. A host of transformations will be generated as more actual VoD viewing figures are published at a programme level. 

Producers and content owners will command higher licensing and carriage fee negotiation rights.

Streaming platforms for e-sports and sport will gain more traction with fans. Platform consolidation will continue. Sole subscription offerings will become scarce. 

Platforms will continue operating in overlapping ecosystems and will continue to merge and form partnerships. The volume of deals will increase as seen this year.

Re-modelling of the commercial internet 

For advertisers and media owners, the two-year relaxation from Google represents an opportunity to experiment with new approaches. In Kantar’s experts’ view, a serious recalibration of the commercial internet is coming.

Brands and inventing hybrid data strategies that fully encompass privacy, purposefully blending their owned consumer data.

Third-party data such as past purchase behaviour, socio-economic, attitudes about other brands.

In targeting, expect a move towards contextual advertising. For campaign effectiveness, advertisers should invest in direct-integration based measurement like Kantar’s Moonshot. This will provide independently measured ad campaign performance through a range of publishers.

Performance media and marketing balancing act 

Brands adopted performance-based strategies to survive the pandemic. The competition for performance marketing spending will increase with the growth of social commerce. 

Kantar’s report expects a rebalancing of spending across performance media and brand building campaigns. Advanced cross-media campaign measurement and in-flight optimisation will be seen.

New approaches to data

Advertisers’ attitudes toward data are changing. The search for high-quality data is an issue for marketers.

Brands with ambitious data strategies will have the upper hand. Brands will opt for direct consumer relationships.

Reshaping for COVID-era behaviours 

Brands will need to keep up with new consumer needs for convenience, value, sustainability, and innovation. Brands investing in data, insight, people and marketing will flourish.

Brands that embrace the diversity and complexity of the audiences will succeed. Brands should explore deeper segmentation and engage with communities beyond their existing audience.

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