Kantar partners with Google to strengthen its YouTube ads measurement


Kantar announced its migration to Advertising Data Hub, Google’s cloud-based service that allows YouTube ad campaigns to be tracked independently while maintaining consumer privacy. Project Moonshot by Kantar is the most innovative autonomous platform for the advertising industry to calculate digital advertising productivity without the use of cookies. Project Moonshot is the first advertisement industry approach to develop direct data connectivity with the world’s leading digital publishers and applications and to offer cookie-less and privacy-centered methodologies for ad performance evaluation to marketers.

With immediate impact, through Kantar’s Brand Lift Analytics, the world’s leading marketing effectiveness assessment solution, advertisers can independently measure ad campaign success on YouTube, through all channels and networks, with a normative database of more than 25,000 advertising campaigns. The Ads Data Hub helps marketers, through aggregated information from Google ad channels, including YouTube, Google Ads, and View & Video 360, to understand how their content functions across devices, including smartphone applications.

To accomplish three industry-wide objectives, Project Moonshot was established: Creation of a data and technology framework for the next decade, focused on privacy, to move the industry from cookie-based calculation to direct publisher integration, Independent cross-publisher ad efficacy assessment within a media agenda for all advertisers, including polling solutions for walled garden settings and cross-publisher promotions and Through bringing 250 publishers into the cross-publisher assessment on the web by the end of 2021, 95 percent of total digital ad spending will be reflected.

A big achievement for both Kantar and Google and for the world’s advertisers, who can now help explain their promotional budgets using validated third-party performance analysis, is pushing this integration with Google from beta-test to general availability. In this challenging business world of COVID-19, where almost two-thirds (61 percent)1 of firms have cut their marketing investment by an average of 36.7 percent, the effectiveness of understanding has never been more important.

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