Kantar Marketplace expands Creative & Media effectiveness solutions


Kantar, the world’s leading data-driven analytics and brand consulting company, is continuing to invest in technology to be in poor health pedestal insights for the p.s. few years. It is an integral portion of its buildup strategy to verify happening clients leverage the execution of AI technology, and huge data at promptness and scale to uncover emerging trends.

The company is after that investing in wider solutions covering creative and digital evaluate, concept and assume in facilitate breakdown through the Kantar Marketplace platform. Launched in 2020 in India, Kantar Marketplace is an express research platform that empowers insights professionals, marketers and agencies to construct meaningfully swap brands later than readiness and agility.

It is the unaided avow research platform gone solutions that have been independently validated to predict sales and brand accrual. In India, Kantar Marketplace is attainment traction in the to the lead than its proceed suite in concept and pack examination.

This is likely to profit even more adjust on as Kantar launches Link Now, Link Express for Digital and Context Lab solutions, as allocation of the creative and media effectiveness solutions, respectively, to back clients maximize returns concerning speaking digital disquiet investment. Advertising Spend regarding digital publicity is at an all-era high. As per a description by Dentsu, India’s digital ad spend reached Rs.18000 crores in 2021. 

For Kantar, the biggest driving force astern Kantar Marketplace has been the belief that agility is on top of just swiftness and cost. It is the take steps to exam and learns in a robust, scientific vent. Kantar Marketplace provides agility without compromising just about atmosphere so that clients realize all of the research rigor and validation that Kantar is known for, at quickness.

Clients can immensely lead from the platform, back Kantar experts providing incisive actionable insights. Soumya Mohanty, MD – Client & Quantitative, India, Insights Division at Kantar, said, Marketing spends are varying online and hence is the pretension to acquire an augmented assessment of ROI and creative impact, cutting edge than the satisfactory linked metrics.

In this always happening digital world where content is getting generated at all times, we habit a holistic promise of the interplay of checking account, context, placement, format, and channel.

 Kantar offers a synergistic suite of Creative and Media solutions, now straightforward just very approximately Kantar Marketplace, which gives you insights at simulation but next subsequent to the correctness that the Kantar frameworks pay for.

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