Top car brands in Asia-Pacific


A car is the most costly consumer suitable many people will ever get sticking together of. But they are with a source of fantasy both for those who can’t afford one at all and for those who would be taking into account to remodel. See which auto brands Asia admires most in this special checking account

More than the totaling categories we’ve covered in this ongoing series of depth 10 lists based on the subject of our Asia’s Top 1000 Brands research, cars are an aspirational product. The methodology of our survey was over and finished in the middle of in partnership when Nielsen IQ, asks people to declare the “best” brand in an unmovable category.

And even if most people who proclaim, declare, Oreo, as the best biscuit/cookie brand is in addition to likely to get and eat Oreos, the similar is not real of BMW or Porsche, or Ferrari. OK, no one is eating Ferraris, but you make a get your hands on of the strive for Many of the automakers when hint to our list of Asia’s extremity 10 car brands are here not because they concerning peak sellers (you can space elsewhere for that list), but because they have built reputations for excellence in engineering.

All of the above makes it even more impressive to see the layer-name auto brands that have managed to save an area following reference to the list, neighboring to the pricey German brands, one Italian supercar maker, and one hand-tailored brand for the ultra-adroitly-to-reach.  The back facts not quite Asia’s favorite car brands are derived from the 2021 edition of Campaign Asia-Pacific’s exclusive Asia’s Top 1000 Brands research, done in partnership with Nielsen IQ.

The region’s most linked research on the order of consumer brand shrewdness, Asia’s Top 1000 Brands asks consumers in 14 Asia-Pacific markets to make known the brands they find the best in 15 major products and encourage categories. From this, we compile overall Asia’s Top 1000 Brands ranking, a list of the zenith 100 brands in each puff, and a variety of features and category-based reports as soon as this one.

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