Twitter’s BYOB, Bring Your Own Brand or lose out


Twitter is a social networking platform that enables users across the globe to interact and converse through tweets. People from everywhere celebrate their happy moments, festivals and events.

During Diwali, the user engagement on Twitter increases exponentially, providing a decent opportunity for brands to connect with the customers.

Last year’s Diwali, Twitter recorded more than two million mentions in India. The festive week receives higher conversations and user engagement. This provides brands ample opportunity to connect and impress customers.

Twitter’s study revealed, what consumers are looking for this Diwali, and how brands can join the celebrations.

How are consumers feeling about Diwali 2021?

Last Year, 85% of Indian users celebrated and wished Diwali on Twitter.

  • 82% mentions of the festival last year resonated with joy.
  • 97% of these conversations were cheerful and happening.
  • COVID affected a lot of business but this year hopes are higher as 61% of people on Twitter are comfortable joining friends and family in celebration.
  • 36% are looking for content that cherishes togetherness.
  • 18% want a virtual celebration.

In the post-COVID era, people are comfortable shopping online. Twitters mentions reveal that more people are into online shopping.

  • From 01 September 2020 to 30 September 2021, Twitter India recorded 13.51 million conversations around online shopping, witnessing 97% year-on-year growth.
  • 52% of people on Twitter are inclined on the virtual route and use more shopping apps to buy a range of products including tech/gadgets (35%), apparel, shoes and bags (33%), furniture and household appliances (28%), gold, jewellery and watches (24%).
  • 44% trust online shoppers for foods and beverages, and 33% of them will be using food delivery apps to add delicacies to their festival.
  • 54% of shoppers on Twitter in India spend time looking for the best deals and 52% use discounts codes or coupons.
  • 40% of Twitter’s audience are looking for exciting deals and promotional offers from brands.

Brands can benefit by keeping audiences tuned in with engaging activities on Twitter.

Twitter’s audience wants happy conversations and amazing experiences from the brands.

  • 48% of the people on Twitter in India are inclined on watching TV or stream their favourite romantic comedies or thrillers on OTT services.
  • Not just that – 61% of these audiences plan to talk about their favourite series or movies on social media.
  • 26% are interested in entertainment and sports content, 30% want to be amused by comedy content this season.

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