UAE announces travel ban on unvaccinated individuals


The United Arab Emirates have officially made it mandatory for all citizens to be fully vaccinated if they need to travel.

From January 10 2022, the country will be imposing a ban on anyone unvaccinated against Covid-19 to travel abroad.

With the booster dose now available in the country, individuals will be declared fully vaccinated if they have taken the third dose, that is, the booster dose.

National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority of the country (NCEMA) has sent out a tweet declaring the ban on travel for UAE citizens who are unvaccinated against Covid-19.

However, there is some relaxation for particular individuals. The ban does not apply to those with medical conditions that exempt them from taking the vaccine. The exemption also applies to individuals from humanitarian and treatment cases.

The reason for this decision by the UAE government is because of the recent surge of Covid-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant. As cases and hospitalizations increase around the world, the government felt that the travel ban would be the most appropriate decision to take.

The senior officials of the government have stated that strict restrictions have been imposed on foreigners visiting the emirates. All passengers visiting the emirates must also be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

Strict quarantine rules are being applied to passengers travelling from countries with many infections.

An official reported that 100% of the population have taken the first dose and about 91.5% of the population has taken both doses.

Under the leadership of the UAE government, the vaccination campaign has been largely successful covering all parts of the country and vaccinating all individuals who are eligible for taking the vaccine. As the vaccination rate is getting higher, the country’s immunity will only get better.

The addition of the booster shot will only help the citizens in gaining full immunity from the new variant. The country looks forward to achieving herd immunity so that businesses won’t see another shutdown that could hurt the economy.

The official concluded her statement by saying that the studies related to vaccination have shown that the shots work and, the booster shot is the next step to getting back to normal ways.

She encouraged all individuals who are 18 and above to go to the nearest vaccination centre and get both doses and the booster shot as well.

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