Understanding Different Types of Augmented Reality


One of the biggest augmented technological trends spreading the world over is augmented truth that allows us to see the real-life environment with a digital augmentation overlaid on it. Sure, there is an argument whether augmented reality and virtual reality are different or not. But augmented truth is especially a visual and interactive method of overlaying digital content like sounds, videos, GPS, and graphics into actual work environments through cameras. It is seeking its way into different industries to enhance the workflow especially, with the advent of the 5g network. Some reputed companies like google, amazon, FB, and Instagram using augmented reality software and packages to enhance productivity and create a laugh filter for the customers.

One of kind varieties of augmented reality

Marker-based AR: it is tied to a specific physical image pattern marker in a real-world environment to superimpose the virtual 3d object, text, or animation on top of it. The cameras continuously scan the entrance and placed a mark for photograph pattern popularity to create its geometry. You have experience with marker-based ar through Instagram, FB, and Snapchat filters and video games like Pokémon go. It is gradually getting into our everyday lives through fun and social activities. Marker-based ar image recognition system consists of numerous modules along with the camera, picture shooting, picture processing, rendering in addition to marker tracking. It is easy and budget-friendly to implement on the filters through a custom app for spotting specific patterns using its camera feed.

Projection-based AR: it is a method of handing over virtual statistics inside a desk-bound context as projection-primarily based ar makes a specialty of rendering virtual three-d objects inside or on a person’s physical area. It removes the want for computer systems and displays as the commands can be located on a selected challenge space. Projection-based ar additionally gives feedback for system development and unique virtual ids for build cycles.

Outlining AR: unique cameras are built for human eyes to carry out outlining of the desired items like boundaries and features to help in positive situations. Outlining ar utilizes item popularity for a better understanding of the current environment. It is miles specifically used in-vehicle navigation systems for secure driving after sunset.

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