Unleash the marketing power of ethics


Business ethics is described in the dictionary as “moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.” Every small company out there is trying to establish a reputation and build a trust among prospective consumers. Building a reputation among your audience as a legitimate and quality-driven business is a huge task. But if you gain that credibility among your audience you are sure to succeed for ever. Customers want to do Business with a company they can trust.

A positive comment by a past client is the best marketing you could receive for your organization. A recommendation by a friend is sure to influence a person’s value of a company.

Remember that in the market the thumb rule is: the consumer is king. Your ethical work habits should always be in the best interests of the consumer/customer. This can help in forging customer relationships that last a lifetime.

Here are a few key ways on how to establish yourself as an ethical business.

1.      Keep your word:

It’s important for you as an organization to see to it that your promises are kept. The customer must understand clearly what he is paying for and promises must be delivered. Customer to Business relationships will work only in such a manner. Don’t promise what you can’t give. Make tangible and realistic goals and deliver them faithfully and on time. Small businesses usually fail in this aspect by over promising and under delivering which ultimately proves fatal for their future.

Make the customer happy by being clear about what you are offering and delivering well in advance before the deadline. You are sure to win over customer trust.

2.      Transparency:

Because of the widespread corruption, exploitation of consumers and scams prevalent in the business world today, consumers are very skeptical and alert about working with new businesses. A sure-shot way to bringing credibility to your organization is bringing in transparency in all your operations and dealings. Make sure all your materials like brochures, advertisements and other documents are clear, precise and professional. In your dealings with consumers in any way, make sure you give them correct and proper information about your company, its products and your motto. Make short bios of your employees on your website along with photos. All this gives your customer positive vibes about your business.

3.      Consistency in pricing and servicing:

Remaining consistent in the pricing of your goods and services is very important. Lack of clarity about your pricing will create a negative impression on your customers. Make sure your prices and fees are made as plain and clear as possible. Answer grievances and do services in a timely and efficient fashion.

4.      Positivity and open-mindedness:

Never bad mouth or give negative feedback about another company or your competitor. It sheds a negative light about you and your company’s character. Treat your opposites with utmost respect. Never practice shady business. It is also essential that the leader of the organization is open to new ideas and changes which will help improve the company. Being open to feedback and opinions and requesting customers and employees for them will help in your company’s growth.

5.      Do good:

 Make sure you are given attention for the right reasons. Make positive associations with the community to help build immediate trust for the business. Sponsor a sports team or the like, especially those involving children, donate to charities and be involved in some way or the other in community related issues and activities. By doing this it proves that your business is socially responsible and contributes to society. Corporate social responsibility also brings in positive press which helps in your marketing and branding and thereby instils confidence in customers in your company as well as gives your organization a self assurance as well.



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