#UnMuteTheAbuse Campaign launched by Maharashtra State Commission for Women in association with Makani Creatives


Maharashtra State Commission for Women – a special provision which has been made in Indian constitutions to ensure the safety of women has launched a campaign named ‘UnMute The Abuse’ in association with Makani Creatives – a Mumbai based advertising agency which creates ad for the leading brands like realme, Mochi, Metro shoes, IDEE and many more.  

#UnMuteTheAbuse Campaign

The purpose of the campaign #UnMuteTheAbuse is to bring issues to light about residential maltreatment. The battle plans to get individuals to acknowledge that local maltreatment is a long-standing issue that has seen an expansion during the lockdown in India. 

The crusade urges individuals to speak more loudly against any sort of local maltreatment. Numerous social issues have either been destroyed or diminished significantly as laws have been passed and outlook has advanced because of mindfulness raised. This battle would like to touch off an upheaval against abusive behavior at home and make it socially adequate to alert experts on the off chance that one knows about a casualty. 

#UnMuteTheAbuse is an approach to urge women to connect with Maharashtra State Commission for Women; which will offer humane and thorough types of assistance to those affected by abusive behavior at home. 

Aastha Luthra, Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Commission for Women, stated, “This lockdown has introduced a few instances of physical and mental maltreatment where ladies are compelled to remain in their homes with their oppressors. With this activity, we intend to urge individuals not exclusively to speak more loudly against local maltreatment yet additionally spread the message and help us in helping the casualties show signs of improvement in life.”

Nilesh Singh from Makani Creatives, included, “Aggressive behavior at home is an issue that has been around for a considerable length of time yet individuals don’t prefer to discuss it, in certainty many don’t acknowledge that it exists the nation over. The innovation is an endeavor to begin a discussion and speak more loudly against this difficult that necessities considerably more consideration during these occasions. This is our method of supporting the work that the Maharashtra State Commission of Women has been accomplishing for a considerable length of time.”


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