Dettol & PVR partnered to ensure a hygiene movie viewing experience.


Today we all are trying to adapt to a new normal life amidst the Global Pandemic. Trying to Live along with the pandemic. The pandemic has led each one of us to be more cautious about cleanliness and health. Therefore, we all are using sanitizer, hand wash, face masks, gloves, etc to protect ourselves against the COVID-19 virus. There are high chances that people would follow the same post-COVID-19. Therefore, companies have slightly started to view the market differently.

On July 24, 2020, the leading germ protection brand “Dettol” and “PVR Cinemas”, India’s largest film exhibitor have announced their partnership to provide a safe, hygienic, and enjoying movie viewing experience to the customers once the theatres open according to the government rules and regulations.

This partnership enables, to develop new sanitizing protocols across 175 properties running in 70 cities across the country. Researches show that, the importance given to the cleanliness of the people at a higher level than expected. Therefore, it is very important for companies to adhere to hygiene standards.

As the lockdown restrictions are slowly getting settled down the concern about the virus attack and hygiene still remains at a higher level. The main aim of Dettol partnering with PVR to provide a safe and better movie experience said by Pankaj Duhan, Chief marketing officer, RB health South Asia.

Gautum Dutta CEO of PVR Cinemas said that for the past few months the company was having a heavy discussion with the world’s industry leaders to make a safe come back to the Indian customers to a movie. The company believes that this partnering would help the Indian customers to have a healthy and safe come back.

PVR cinemas are going to implement strong hygiene protocols, social distancing, and food safety measures with a minimal human contact at all points. Each and every employee will undergo a daily health screening, will be provided with PPE gear, face masks, gloves, and face shields for protection and the premises will be sanitized at regular intervals.

Dettol is the most trusted brand for health across the country by millions of mothers for more than 8 decades to protect their families against illness and infections. In the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, Dettol has been trusted and recommended hygiene practice across the country.


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