The campaign #goviraltostopthevirus goes places!


The recently launched campaign #goviraltostopthevirus, in India, is already going places and is grabbing a great deal of mass’s attraction, primarily among the advertising fraternity of Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. This campaign is turning out to be an exceptional one, as it is neither owned by a brand nor by any agency, for that matter. For the starters, advertising professionals created positive viral creatives from almost 19 agencies like Wunderman Thompson, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, and so on. Basabjit Tito Majumdar, The National Creative Director of Publicis, adds that the whole beauty of its simplicity and endless creativity. The community as a whole, coming together is indeed a treat to watch and is rarely an occasion where one gets to see all holding hands against the virus.

Each information shared is aimed at reaching the most common people too, and also makes provisions to carry out maximum positive activities during the lockdown. Besides, to make the sharing process viral, they have also been making use of the shape of the virus, making art out of the virus shape, and conveying positive messages via the same.

Art students and art enthusiasts have already taken this campaign so interestingly forward. After the first phase of the campaign, the artists were requested to gift the shape of the virus the bliss of abstraction. This initiative majorly aims at empowering and joining the creative and artistic fraternity all around the world and delineate the feeling of dread and anxious ones associated with the virus spread, just by concentrating and channeling those feelings to creativity.

As time passed and the campaign got welcomed to a wider horizon, and offline exhibition of advertising and art of #GoViralToStopTheVirus was conducted at the ArtReach Gallery, Portland, Oregon, with many other artists and eminent personalities collaborating holding hands. #tgoviraltostopthevirus campaign has its greatness in how the whole campaign got evolved from just a line explained communication challenge to a free-flowing global art movement. This is all about mirroring the spirit of human pliability expressed just through creativity.


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